Dormer Interior
Glazed bay, dormer and sustainable refurbishment
North Cambridge
This project involves the replacement of a long redundant shopfront with a two-storey triangular bay and glazed dormer, following the same lines as the bay beneath. The second floor loft conversion was extended and re-planned creating additional living accommodation at second floor level.

The refurbishment included the significant upgrading of the building fabric and services by greatly increasing levels of insulation, the installation of a new heating system with boiler energy efficiency management and solar thermal panels for hot water, and a heat recovery ventilation system.
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Commendation for sustainability:Camb D&C Award
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Interior of the dormer
Front Bay
Insulated shutters
Solar thermal panel
Mechanical ventilation and heat recovery unit
Mechanical ventilation heat recovery ducts
Well insulated roof
Front bay and dormer
Dormer Interior